Tiny souls dance like shadows in the sunset, illuminated by the flickering flame of scented candles. Women are artists of the floating world, which travel through the air with the graceful movements of their slender bodies. Flute music fills the suspended atmosphere of hypnotic sounds, while the incense burns slowly, spreading around spicy aromas.

Titled Alive, the latest collection of Ludovica Amati is an introspective journey through time. With the kimono as the main source of creative inspiration, Ludovica Amati lends the Japanese garment a modern identity by developing its iconic pattern into a series of sophisticated designs that blend together into a harmonious whole of heritage and innovation. In this sense, the kimono is more than a simple piece of cloth in the eye of the young designer, as it embodies ancient cultural traditions, as well as memories of her childhood, when she used to look with admiration at her family’s collection of antique kimonos. Re-worked in a contemporary way, the kimono has lost its traditional connotations and is interpreted with urban aesthetics that stay for nomadic freedom and exoticism, while preserving the subtle elegance and mysterious beauty that characterize Ludovica Amati‘s aesthetics.

The iconic shape of the Japanese robe has been developed by the designer into fluid designs, which are flawlessly draped around the female body. Asymmetric lines, clean cuts and airy silhouette emphasize Ludovica Amati’s minimalist approach to fashion. Bright silks, lightweight organza and lace fabrics convey a sense of sensuality through transparency, while preserving a certain neo-romantic feeling. Invisible seams, tailored hems and inserts express the designer’s meticulous attention to details that make the inside of each garment as beautiful as the outside. In fact, the collection conveys the idea that clothes do not only carry their heritage, but are also able to form an intrinsic bond with their wearer through the memories associated with them. In this context, Ludovica took elements of her past, such as the smell of powder of her grandmother’s closet and the memory of a blooming garden, into the collection and translated them into a delicate color palette featuring handmade prints of buzzing insects. A motif of long silk fringes echoes throughout the collection and makes the garments move gently, like in an endless dance.

Conceiving fashion as a form of creative expression, Ludovica Amati refuses seasonal trends and focuses on a timeless wardrobe. Each Ludovica Amati collection aims to convey a message that goes beyond the mere piece of cloth to establish an emotional bond with the wearer. Inspired by fine arts, music, cinema and photography, Ludovica Amati believes in the pureness of the inner spirit. Mother, friend, sister, partner and priestess, the feminine figure is always the focus and eternal source of inspiration of Ludovica’s work.