Five is the number of the fighter and determination. Five stands for freedom and creativity. Five is the idealist wild and fearless, who needs precious garnets and red rubies keep his heart balanced.

Numerology, symbols, signs, and mysticism inspire LA13 capsule collection.Three guiding themes are developed in a range of five t-shirts, each of them unique and sophisticated with its subtle messages and esoteric signifiers. The most ancrestal human desires of love, eternity and knowledge are expressed through a visual dialogue that combines art, poetry and graphics. “Don’t go, daddy, don’t go, coz I love you“ reads the poem written by actress, director, poet and performer Asia Argento, referring to the need of beloging to somewhere and someone, stemming from the childish yet unforgettable fear of being left alone in the world. A detail from Four Visions of the Hereafter by Hiernonymus Bosch and Arthur Rimbaud lines long for infinity, which is sensual and holy at once. In the realm of the unreal, Alice looses herself in the Wonderland, and crosses the magic sea to eventually find a new self through the looking glass. Frida Khalo and Majakovskij stand next to each other, looking dangerously luscious, bond by an impossible love, while Jorge Louis Borges anti-hero meditates on how to measure time with or without his lover. Melancholia and passion scream silently from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, swallowing the painful soul into an endless vortex that leaves it dry of feelings, yet filled with Virgina Woolf’s sharp cynicism and William Blake’s wisdom. Guillaume Apollinaire comforts the mistreated spirit with caressing words of tenderness. Going back to the roots of civilization, old-school trybal tattooes anticipate what a population of artists, writers and phylosophers will forever try to express : the meanings and purpose of existence.

Thirteen is the alpha and the omega, is the number that bonds multiplicity into oneness. Thirtheen are the petals of the rose among the thorns. Thirtheen rules the cosmos and trascends the material world, infusing sipirtuality in the ephemeral everyday life.  

LA13 is a new capsule project launched by Italian designer Ludovica Amati. Renowned for her evening gowns and romatic fashion, Ludovica decided to rediscover the art of popular poetry and metropolitan glamour, focusing on a simple clothing staple that is iconic of contemporary times : the t-shirt. Eye-catching and direct messangers of cultural values, LA13 t-shirts feature exclusive prints and embroidery handmade in Italy. The capsule collection comes into a special packaging realized with the creative support of art and photography editor Nicola Bramante, exclusivly crafted in Turin by skilled artisans. Divided per theme, the three magic boxes include texts by art critic Guido Costa and Asia Argento. Gathering together the designer’s passions and sources of inspiration, LA13 brings Ludovica Amati aesthetics to unisex dailywear, while preserving the ideal of nomadic elegance quintessentially Ludovica Amati.

Cecilia Musmeci